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March 7, 2001

OSI: Extended Downtime � Account Management

Gone Gold has reported that Ultima Online: Third Dawn has "gone gold," as detailed below and original published here:

Ultima Online: Third Dawn

Super News!

Hi Rich,

Just a heads up that UO: Third Dawn has gone gold and will be shipping to retailers on March 27. Let me know if you have any other questions. Web site is http://www.uo3d.com.

David Swofford
Director of Communications
ORIGIN Systems
Here's some specifics...
The Internet-only fantasy world of Britannia� takes on a new dimension in Ultima� Online: Third Dawn�. Now UO is more immersive than ever with fully animated, motion-captured 3-D characters, each with enhanced gesturing and animations. Third Dawn has hundreds of motion-captured animations on nearly 200 different character models. A 3-D terrain system, new beasts and monsters, a new land to explore, a new particle system for spell and magic effects and improved music make Ultima Online look and sound better than ever before.

Key Features

A new dimension for Characters and Special Effects
  • 3-D models for all characters and monsters
  • Motion-captured animations
  • Enhanced gesturing and animation
  • Particle system for magic and special effects
New lands, monsters, weapons and armor

Third Dawn adds an additional landmass that presents even greater challenges and rewards for UO players. Third Dawn also adds new monsters to the UO landscape and for combat, players can try out new weapons and armor, some of which feature an Oriental/samurai look and feel.

Improved music

Now Ultima Online sounds better than ever with improved music. Explore the world of Britannia now and hear the difference.
UOSS pointed out the following additional comments from Calandryll about UO3D going old:
Calandryll Comments on UO3D Going Gold

Calandryll made the following two comments on Lum the Mad about UO3D going gold:
The UO Third Dawn beta test is not over...we are continuing to take feedback and patch in fixes.
and post #2:
Actually, UO Third Dawn does include the 2d client as well.

As far as the release date, that is accurate. I just wanted to make sure people knew that going gold doesn't mean the beta is over and that testing/patching is done. It's not.

Manager of Community Services,
Ultima Online and ORIGIN

Posted by Keith at March 7, 2001 8:45 PM

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