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March 13, 2001

�Order� Restored

*The morning rays shine...*
by Lord Beldock

*.. within the Tower's Library. All night he read the ancient tomes of old. A sigh of content escapes his lips as he closes the last book. With a silent stride, he wanders down to the foyer, careful not to make to much noise to wake Ivy or Shadomir. More so, not to disturb the dark spirits of the Tower itself.*

*He wanders to a hidden niche within the Tower itself. A place he discovered long ago, to hide various things from attackers and looters of the Tower."

*In a black piece of cloth, he removes a guild pin. Not just any guild pin, but his old one. He smiles to himself as he polishes it to its former shine. A unholy light seems to radiate out, pushing back the sunlight streaming in the windows*

*whispering to himself, he says:*

"It is time the old order returns. The Cabal is needed once more."

*With what seems a sigh from the Tower itself, he places the pin on his shirt.*

*whispering to himself once more*

"Let it be known, the Dread Lord Beldock returns to his position of Cabal of Ether. The Cabal will be whole once more. The Dark Tower will have its full Cabal..."


*The Tower walls bleed...*

Posted by Keith at March 13, 2001 2:09 AM

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