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March 24, 2001

Orcs Attempt Invasion of Britian

The following account by Cymidei Fier was posted to UOSS:

Orcs Attempt Invasion of Britian

At 1:00 PM PST, the Town Cryers at the West Britian Bank [on Trammel. -Ed.] sounded a call to arms "The Orcs are planning a massive attack against Britian. Orcish forces gathering near the Cove Orc Fort."

Within moments, dozens of valiant adventurers arrived at the orc fort to put down the uprising. Hundreds of orcs, orcish mages, ettins, and orcish lords rallied outside the fort.

This is a sketch I made at the battle.

The fighting was fierce and many warriors lost their lives. Finally, the orcs were subdued and the orcish threat against Britian was put to a bloody end.

Posted by Keith at March 24, 2001 5:26 PM

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