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March 22, 2001

Once Returned

This interesting account was recently discovered on the Kingdom of Dawn Public Forum:

His hand glides slowly over a smooth mahagony desk. His steel grey eyes float about the mages tutorium. Desks and bookshelfs lined up in rows. Much like he remembered. But then, how long had it been? His memory was coming back, but there still remained a great many holes within it. Apon entering the kingdom with Queen Hayloh and her escort last night, he had noticed several new buildings. Signs of prosperity and growth. He smiled on this thought. In this bleak chaos stricken world, at least one glimmer of hope remained true.

He turned from the mages tutorium and headed down stairs, offering a candid smile to those he passed by. He didnt remember many of their names, and they seemed quite in awe of him. This brought a blush to his face. This kingdom had once taken him in, placing faith in a questing knight of the virtues. Heralding to his call in the name of them. As with most, they were not truly virtuous. But then, was anyone? Nay, but like himself, what separated them from the others, was their steadfast devotion to strive for them. To make light in a dark world. He held great admiration for the King who stood in Lord British's shadow. Lord British had built an empire and tried to bind them to the virtues. King Desmond had created a small kingdom, where they embraced the virtues. That was the difference.

His memory recalled when Lord British abandoned this land. Fled to a new facet of the shards, leaving many behind toi suffer at Minax's hand. He had gone to the King, to ask that they not flee as well, and stand with him against the tides of darkness. And he did so. In Trinsic, the allied forces had rallied with the Knights of Dawn and engaged Juo'nar to the bitter end. A proud moment indeed in this Kingdom's history.

He remembered sitting with the King and Queen, negotiating for peace with an angry Orcen tribe. Other cities and fiefdoms criticized King Desmond for doing so. Yet the virtues teach not to hate, but to trust and befriend. At great risk to his people and at great loss of respect from neutral nations, they stood by the virtues, and they shown the way.

He smiled as he thought on last night. Meeting Wraith again was interesting. Once a quest knight himself, he wondered what had become of that knighthood. When he had left, they had partitioned themselves suscinctly to their individual virtues and by doing so, unknowingly abandoning them. He recalled his decision to leave them. For he felt they leaned on him as one would a crutch. No longer would they strive to be virtuous, so long as he was there to embody it for them. He had left that they may find the true meaning of the virtues and tarry not over which virtue emblazoned their knight's pin. That was a sad day, and he had only himself to blame. He had failed them. Failed to empower them with the virtues as had been his intention.

Casting aside sad thoughts, he sat before several books and opened one. He was home now. And he had many to thank for it. Arrianna's great sacrifice in bringing him back. Further, for finding a way to make such possible. Queen Hayloh's unending support of his silly quests. Not many would believe in him so trustingly. It was time to restore the virtues, and so many quests left undone. He would embark on those quests again, to bring the relics of the virtues back to this one nation that would stand in defense of the virtues.

Posted by Thellaren at March 22, 2001 12:17 AM

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