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March 31, 2001

Nightmares of Reality

Nightmares of Reality

Nightmares, the fleeting poisons of the mind; the subdued emotions peeking and howling within the deep, hollow halls of the reminiscent caverns of the psyche. A disturbance, a remembrance, and a haunting of experiences and fears; a warning and prophecy to the mystic and a revelation to the insane…

Arwyn Blackheart, Gatekeeper of the Dark Tower, acclaimed guardian of the Great Pentacle, turned sharply as he choked with pain. An acute damnation, damp and sweaty, twisting and turning in a haze of sickness that always resulted in the stomach squeezing revulsion of vomit spewn across the cold cobblestone floor. He could smell the sickening aroma, the stench of decay and putrid gore invading his nostrils. He could hear the lunging whispers of the Tower walls, the profound gagged cries of a soul entombed within the very bloodstained stones that erected the great monument of death. He could feel the Great Pentacle pulsating with life and he could feel his soul, his marked remembrance of his vows to his master, tugging at his body. Something was coming, it was in his dreams, and that something needed a host…

That something was a Na-Krul.

Beldock knows much of Arwyn’s dreams…

Arwyn is dead and Na-Krul has returned.

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