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March 18, 2001

Heaven's Forge Abduction, Skye Lost to Drow

On the evening of March 17th, the town of Heaven's Forge during a St. Patrick's day celebration Skye of CDC was kidnapped by a group of Drow. The unexpected guests' names are believed to be Briquet, Burdet, and Brizet supposedly being the "prince of the drow".

That Dark Elves promptly began to harass the guests and claim that Heaven's Forge kill without honor, specifically trolls, orcs and ettins. They also demand three trades for Skye's life. Darius, the mayor has agreed to their terms and has instructed Lynx and Anya to have all the guards remove their guild insignia to appear as if they are normal citizens, and not on patrol. The second demand is a mass wealth of five million gold coins. While that is nearly impossible, Darius has no choice but to play along for now. The last demand is that the mayor step down and Buzzit takes his place.

"Tonight the citizens of Heaven's Forge and invited guests from all over Britannia to enjoy a peaceful St. Patrick's day celebration," stated the mayor "Burnzit and his lackeys came in and started spouting their dogma again. I offered them to stay and enjoy the celebration in peace, or to please leave. He said that Skye would suffer for my actions. They left for a while, but returned again to harass our guests. Regardless the evening was a success."

The town is now calling to it's allies for assistance in this situation the mayor feels it does not deserve, as most everyone would agree. Darius feels sympathetic for her friends, and Goliath who has loved Skye for many moons. "I now have called upon the guard, and I call upon the armed guilds, citizens of Heaven's Forge and all of our allies. I bid you help Heaven's Forge. I've learned that there can be no honorable, peaceful outcome with these drow. Regardless of what we do, they will hurt or kill Skye. I plead with you, our forces and allies. Rid us and Britannia of these vermin. Find where they live and rescue Skye if at all possible, but eliminate them at all costs," the mayor finally said.

Posted by Brenstar at March 18, 2001 8:46 AM

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