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March 12, 2001

GuildBoss Version 1.11 is now available!

The following announcement was posted to the GuildBoss home page:

Version 1.11 is now available!

Note that this was going be part of GB 2 release but I didn't want to hold these fixes up any longer. Don't fret, GB 2 is still in development but it's taking a bit longer than expected (as usual) but what you do expect from a guy with 2 young kids and a full-time job?! :-P

Grab it here. Here's what's new:
  • Added 'Custom filter...' option to the QuickFilter drop-down on main screen. By selecting this option you can filter your roster by choosing values from your custom Drop-List fields. For instance, for an EverQuest guild you might want to see all your "Human Paladins" or maybe your "Dark Elf Rogues", etc.. You can filter on all four drop-lists.
  • Added count of "highlighted" members in parenthesis next to the count of members in the currently selected rank.
  • Custom drop-list captions (on Member Profile window) now update accordingly when renamed via the Drop-List Manager.
  • Added support for "numeric" sorting in custom User Fields. For instance, if you defined a "Level" column for tracking character level, you can sort the rosters by the values entered in this field. Prior to this release, all custom User Fields were interpreted as TEXT fields and thus did not sort properly with number values.
  • Fixed timeout error when sending a message where the last recipient in the list doesn't have an entry in the profile (i.e. blank email address or ICQ #).
  • Fixed date sorting in roster grid.
  • Fixed "overflow" error in Deeds Journal when member's Deed Tally exceeded 32,767.
  • Fixed "Can't create DAO workspace" error a few folks had encountered, preventing them from running GuildBoss at all.
  • Fixed Cellpadding and Cellspacing on roster reports where they were swapped.
  • Fixed extra "<td" in column header HTML in the General Listing roster report.
  • Fixed "Undefined error [invalid key] populating member property controls!" error when adding a new member to a new blank database. Finally!!
  • Fixed "Undefined error 3061-Too few parameters" when sorting roster by Dues Owed.

Posted by Nobody at March 12, 2001 1:53 PM

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