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March 24, 2001

Free HTML/Graphical Tables for Guild Sites

The following announcement from Brimstone at MMORPGSTUFF.com was posted by UOSS:

Free HTML/Graphical Tables for Guild Sites

MMORPGSTUFF.com is offering free HTML and graphics for people to use however they wish. The first (of many) offering is a set of tables, small and medium sized, they have a Grey Stone texture. The tables are coded properly to allow them to expand as large as the user wants. The tables are great for headlines, news articles, member rosters, screenshot of the day, trivia and a hundred other uses. Also, the graphics that make up the tables are transparent gifs so they blend into ANY background the guild may have on their site.

Preview of "Greystone Table (Small)":

Preview of "Greystone Table (Big)":

In the next few weeks, expect to see new themed tables, as well as entire guild site templates being given away. This includes graphics and HTML.


Posted by Nobody at March 24, 2001 9:12 AM

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