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March 31, 2001

Dark Tower to Rally at Heaven's Forge Thursday at 8 PM Pacific.

“Death; the destroyer of humanity and herald of time, known to those who live as the merciless reaper, the great destructor, and the unending pain and pestilence that writhes upon the face of civilization. Death is the same repulsive blemish that feeds upon the sweet embrace of nature’s arms and the mocking fate that no mortal dares to travel. Death, however, as reveled and feared as it is, holds the paradox of life. There is life even in death, and there is light even in darkness…”

The Dark Tower, the ominous cloud of impending death, the thick, noxious cloud of plague that looms over the war-torn tidings of Sosaria. A place of enlightenment and knowledge. A place where the darker depths of thought and perception dare reach the comprehension of the illuminating deceit cowering within the heretical heathenry that has embedded itself within the lustful blood of the murderous and virtuous alike. A fire of apocalyptic rage, striving for the total eradication of all that oppose its blackened hand of corruption. A Tower founded in the name of both the creator and the destroyer; The Guardian.

Enter these halls, and forfeit your soul to the truth that lies entombed within the darkness of light. There is no light without darkness. There is no life without death. No entity can better perceive the light than when standing in the dark, for light is most visible in dark places. Enter now, murderous and virtuous alike and strive to learn the tidings of truth. Regain your heritage as Sosarians and smite the slithering serpents of seduction that have embraced the child-like innocence of this realm. Join the Dark Tower, and disperse this parading stench of pompous propriety. Drink the boiling blood of benevolence, and thrive upon the sacrifice of lost souls…

Spread the word of this gift, and your every dream shall be born upon reality. This I swear upon my flesh, and beseech upon your soul…

Join us at Heaven’s Forge this Wednesday, April 4th, at 8 PM pacific…

Or send thine wishes to shaneblix@mindspring.com.

Na-Krul of the Dark Tower

Posted by Brenstar at March 31, 2001 3:02 PM

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