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February 12, 2001

Warden Last Standing (Trammel)

Yestereve, I followed a mob of vagrants through some Feluccian portal, made tangible in Skara Brae by green robed mystics, Elder Tanaka and Seer Eliar.

Apparently another Last Man Standing competition was taking place, as heralded by one of the town cryers of the land. The place was packed, with onlookers clustered around the outside of the ring, many heckling with tired old wisecracks and meteor swarms, with the majority looking patiently and intently into the arena.

The green robed mystics brought forth about five or six groups of 4-5 warriors, who had to face some of Britannia’s hardest monsters, including a few not found in any bestiary. Standing out among the beasts, were a few pure black creatures, dark as the night sky. At one point a lumbering zombie like creature emerged from the gate in the middle of the ring. The Abomination as well as its wolf-like guardian were called forth. Morpheous, a member of a faction I can’t recall, fell victim to the guardian in the finals after one hit. Elder Tanaka and Eliar seemed quite surprised at the verocity of the beast and swiftly teleported it and its master away at the end of the match.

At the end of this night, the standings were as follows:

1st Place: (Ted of the Dark Wardens)
2nd Place: (Orion of the Golden Knights) *Kudos to his technique. It worked quite well*
3rd Place: (Smithy of FB2)

I’d also like to give an honorable mention of comedic relief to Deranigan. He entered the ring with naught but his fishing pole and jester hat, taunting the monsters with his lures while running to and fro. Unfortunately he was the second to last one to remain in the ring, therefore not making it to the finals, to the dismay of a few in the crowd.

At the end of the event, after maps, regeants, gold, and a sash were rewarded, Tanaka and Eliar announced that another event would be taking place in Felucca next weekend. Apparently Lord Agnacio has constructed yet another arena….make that a series of arenas! You can find them opposite the Trammel fairgrounds in Trammel on the facet of Felucca. For those familiar with the Flying Fortress Events Tower, well...its basically right next door.

Sleep well Citizens of Baja,


Posted by Thellaren at February 12, 2001 12:14 AM

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