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February 24, 2001

Tournament at Mage Tower Cancelled

The Tournament scheduled for tonight at the Baja Mage Tower has been cancelled due to "inclement weather" (Shard-wide connectivity issues).

I was just preparing myself for a rousing night of watching some sporting combat I'll be the "squire" for my comrade "Angry Jonny" as I hold his extra armor for the night but when I finally made my way through the storms to the roof of the Baja Mage Tower, the event managers were announcing that the Tournament was rescheduled for the same time tomorrow.

The Baja Mage Tower is in Felucca, and the Tournament was scheduled for 6pm PST (contestants required to show up an hour earlier, at 5pm PST). The fighting contest is co-operated by The Order of Leonine [TOL]. In fact, it was their guildmaster, Nitram, who was acting as Event Cryer and letting everyone who made it to the Mage Tower know about the rescheduling.

Posted by Thellaren at February 24, 2001 7:46 PM

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