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February 5, 2001

TOL / MT Tournament! (Felucca)

The following announcement was found on the Order of Leonine Forum:

TOL / MT Tournament!
(The Order of Leonine and the Mage Tower)
Saturday February 24th at 6pm PST at the Felucca Mage Tower
Come test your fighting skills!

There will be 3 events: Mage, Melee, and Anything Goes.
Sign up is 1 hour before start time (5pm PST) at the Felucca MT.
Rules will be strickly enforced!
The rules for the 3 events are as follows:

For ALL Events:
No Looting
No Stealing
Both contestants MUST flag gray before match begins!

Magery Contest:
No potions, before or during match
No bandage healing
You are allowed ONE heal by magery only
No magic weapons or armor
No summoned creatures
No area spells

Melee Contest:
No potions, before or durring match
No magic weapons or armor
No poisoning
No healing of any kind

Anything Goes Contest:
No area spells
No summoned creatures

Donations for prizes will be gladly exepted.
For more information contact Nitram,
or Nekkar. Hope to see you there!

- Lord Nitram
GM of The Order of Leonine

Posted by Thellaren at February 5, 2001 12:33 AM

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