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February 16, 2001

OSI: The Lands of Ilshenar

The following was posted to the Testing for Next Update section of the Ultima Online Web site:

The Lands of Ilshenar

Ilshenar is a third facet in the world of Britannia. Ilshenar will have different conditions from the facets of Felucca and Trammel. Player interactions on Ilshenar will be just like Trammel with the following exceptions:

1) Players who are within “murder” status will be able to travel to Ilshenar under the following guidelines:
  • Murderers will be able to go to Ilshenar once per month. If a player’s murder status wears off, and then they return to a murderer state, the “once per month” guideline will still be in place. Once the trip to Ilshenar is taken while in murderer status, the count starts and the player may not again enter Ilshenar until they are either not a murderer, or until a month has passed.
  • If a murderer has taken the effects of stat loss, they will not be able to gain skills while in Ilshenar until the reduced skills are returned to their pre-stat loss numbers. For example:
    • Player A loses 20% of their skills to stat loss.
    • Player A will not be able to gain any skills in Ilshenar until this 20% that has been lost has been regained.
    • Player A will be able to gain skills in Ilshenar once this percentage lost to stat loss has been restored.
  • Murder counts will not decay in Ilshenar.
  • Stat loss and murder counters are still in effect, with the same time durations per murder. These have not changed in any way.
  • Other players cannot attack murderers in Ilshenar.
2) Traveling to and within Ilshenar.

Players visiting Ilshenar will not be able to cast gate or recall within the Ilshenar lands. Travel will behave in the following manners:
  • There will be no recall or player created gating within Ilshenar.
  • Travel to and from Ilshenar will be via public moongates. The gates within Ilshenar will be scattered around those lands, and will connect to public moongates located within Trammel and Felucca.
  • There will be a moongate located on the Buc’s Den island for murderers to be able to use to get to Ilshenar.
  • Players will be able to use a menu system on the public moongates to select destination, including which facet.
3) Siege Perilous will not have an Ilshenar facet.

Note that in order to travel to Ilshenar, you will need to be using the Third Dawn client. Regular clients (2D) will not be able to travel to Ilshenar.

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