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February 8, 2001

OSI: Player Owned Vendor Changes

The following was posted to Testing For Next Update on the Ultima Online Web site:

Player Owned Vendor Changes

Player-owned vendors will be able to give the gold they are holding to their owners in bank check form if the amount is between 4999 gold and 1 million gold. If the gold amount being held for the player by the vendor is between 4999 and 1 million gold, the vendor will hand this to the owner in the form of a bank check (as long as the vendor is actually carrying this amount). If the amount is less equal to or less then 4999 gold then the vendor will hand the owner the amount in gold form. If the gold held by the vendor is more than 1 million gold, the vendor will retain the amount over 1 million gold until the next request for gold is made by the player.

Player-owned vendors will give a more accurate description of their gold and payment status.

Player owned vendors will properly “clean up” from a player-owned house, if they are removed from that house. This fixes a bug that caused player owned houses to sometimes refuse re-deeding even when empty.

Posted by Nobody at February 8, 2001 6:44 PM

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