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February 8, 2001

OSI: House Decoration Tool

The following was posted to Testing For Next Update on the Ultima Online Web site:

House Decoration Tool

Players will be able to use a House Decoration Tool to assist them with the decoration of their houses within UO. The tool has the following abilities:
  • The tool will be sold on Architect NPC’s
  • The tool has the ability to turn certain objects to face south-to-east, or east-to-south. An example of an object that is able to be turned would be a wall clock. Not all objects may be turned.
  • The tool has the ability to raise or lower certain objects, thus allowing items such as the wall clock to be “hung” on a wall. Not all objects can be raised or lowered.
The tool itself operates in the following manner:
  • The player using the tool must be the owner or a co-owner of the house where the tool will be used.
  • The player must actually be in the house to use the tool.
  • When the player double clicks the tool, targeting the tool again with the target cursor will bring up a menu. The menu choices are “turn”, “up”, and “down”. This changes the operating mode of the tool to the choice that is made.
  • Upon selecting turn, up, or down, the player will be able to target an item in the house to apply that effect. The tool will remain in whatever mode was selected, until the tool mode is changed again (refer to above).
  • The player can either double click the tool again and then the house object to apply the last movement style chosen on the tool, or the player can use the target cursor on the tool itself to choose another movement style (such as selecting down instead of up).
House objects being moved must be locked down prior to being moved, and will remain locked down during the Decoration Tool movement process.

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