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February 8, 2001

OSI: Faction Trap Changes

The following was posted to Testing For Next Update on the Ultima Online Web site:

Faction Trap Changes

Faction traps will be modified in the following manner:
  • Faction traps will award silver to their placer when they successfully damage or kill an enemy faction member.
  • The silver being awarded will come from the victim, and will be subject to existing silver-award eligibility. Thus, the placer will not receive any silver from opponents not eligible to award silver.
  • The trap will award 20 coins for damaging an enemy, and 40 coins for killing an enemy.
Faction Trap Removal Tool

Faction tinkers will be able to create a faction-trap removal tool. This tool will be necessary to remove faction traps set by enemy factions. The tool will function in the following manners:
  • The tool will appear within the tinker creation window, if the character is qualified and carrying the necessary materials to make the tool (500 silver, master or greater tinkering skill, and 10 ingots).
  • The tool will have 25 uses, decreasing upon either success or failure to disarm the trap. The tool must be in the base level of the player’s backpack to function.

Posted by Nobody at February 8, 2001 6:47 PM

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