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February 23, 2001

New Orc Agression, a New Threat (Felucca)

The following was heard relayed from the Kingdom of Dawn's Town Cryer:

Lady Shadomir called the knights and warriors of Dawn together last night, as she was ambushed in Dawn by an Orc War Party. Intent on making sure the Orcs understood that any agression into Dawn would be met with harsh and severe justice, she rallied the forces of Dawn and lead an assault on the Delucia Orc Fort.

The battle raged and many orcs lay fallen at the Dawnites feet. But then Draithnokk, a lich emerged from the fort. He descended on Cleopatra, one of the groups mages, attempting to vanquish the Dawnites by eliminating their magic.

The lich was felled, but the battle had taken its toll on the Dawn forces. They retreated after counting nearly a hundred orcs slain.

Investigations are being launched into the Liches presence amongst the Orcs. Has a new threat arisen to challenge the Kingdom of Dawn. To challenge the last light of Felucca's darkness?


Posted by Thellaren at February 23, 2001 1:43 AM

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