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February 11, 2001

More Dungeons Discovered in Ilshenar

I read the following announcement from Balberith of UO Deutschland at UOSS:

More Dungeons Discovered in Ilshenar

UOD has first inGame screenshots of a new dungeon that I have found travelling through Ilshenar today.

The dungeon - I called it Spider-Dungeon - is leading to a small passage and then via teleporter to an island where theres nothing but Ethereal Warriors. They are not aggressive towards innocent. On the island is another dungeon - which I called Spectre-Dungeon - with quite some members of some kind of creature in it that seems to be buggy a little bit. It shows "a spectre" or "a shade" but has a look I have not seen elsewhere in-game so far. Close to the Spirituality entrance to Ilshenar is another cave that I have not seen before and since I couldn't find any information about it I think it is new - I called it Spirituality Cave.

You will find some screenshots attached... and more (with german sub titles) on UO Deutschland and there in the screenshot section

Viele Gruesse,
Best Regards,

Michael Werner
Webmaster UO Deutschland
Here's a picture from UOD of the teleporter to the Spider Dungeon:

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