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February 7, 2001

Majere's PvP Event #2 (Trammel)

Majere, a Baja citizen, has posted the following public event to the UO Stratics Baja Forum:

Hey all! im really happy to see the turn out lately on the events that have came up on the board here. Its good to see all your faces in the game instead of just here on the board.

I am having another collective player vs player spar at my tower in felucca. The last event went perfect. Here are the instructions:

We will be meeting at 8pm PDT sharp At MOONGLOW bank, Trammel. We will rally there until approximatly 8:20 then head to my tower via gate travel after taking the local moongate that is just outside of town. We will mass at my tower and have miscellaneous duels and spars.

You will be required to bring all of your own pvp gear, which includes potions, as well as gm armor and weapons. I will provide some potions and possibly gm armor if needed. (while supplies last)

---There will be no: looting, stealing, pking, or order chaos/factions fighting allowed, participants will be quickly banned and or killed on the spot.

This event is simply a friendly spar and bs'ing chat event. Nothing is at stake here. I will be posting my next event as a tournament with prizes and entry fee's in the next few weeks, however this being my second event I wanted to simply have some fun with it.

Everyone is invited. We had a good turnout at the last event so I'll be trying to arrange the roof of my tower to provide maximum room for the participants without sacrificing viewing rights of the onlookers.

8pm PDT Sunday Febuary 11th Moonglow bank (Trammel). BE THERE!


Posted by Thellaren at February 7, 2001 12:06 AM

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