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February 12, 2001

Kingdom of Dawn Anniversary Celebration

The following announcement was posted to the Kingdom of Dawn Town Cryer page:

Kingdom of Dawn Anniversary Celebration

A series of events will be held throughout the week to celebrate the Kingdom of Dawn entering its third year as a player-run community! The Citizens of Sosaria near and far are invited to join us in our festivities! A map showing Dawn's location can be found here, and a map of Dawn itself can be found here. There is also a runebook of Dawn locations inside the Dawn Embassy in Ocllo, a small house right next to Ocllo Bank in Felucca.

The schedule of events:

Wednesday, February 14th: Valentines Day marks the wedding anniversary of King Desmond and Queen Hayloh! At 8pm PST on the 14th, they will renew their wedding vows during a special ceremony to be held at Dawn Tower. Food and drink will be provided at a reception to be held at the Acropolis Tavern and Winery in Dawn immediately after the ceremony!

Thursday, February 15th: The grand re-opening of the Dawn Library at its new, more convenient location south of Dawn Tower! The Dawn Library is the largest collection of player-created books on the shard! Library staff will be on hand from 8pm PST to 9pm PST to answer your questions or to accept contributions of new books to add to our ever-growing collection.

Friday, February 16th: The First Dawn Open House will be held! Our goal during the Open House is to introduce interested persons to our community. Representatives of Dawn will be available between 7pm and 9pm PST to provide you transportation to and from Dawn, answer questions, give you a personalized tour, and to give you free runes! If you'd like to discover what Dawn is all about, either show up at Dawn Tower, or contact King Desmond at ICQ 6036303 to arrange for transportation, between 7pm and 9pm on Friday!

Saturday, February 17th: The First Dawn Tournament of Roses will be held at Dawn Tower! Test your mettle in one of three different matches: 1 vs. 1 Joust (both fighters on horseback), 1 vs. 1 Melee, and 1 vs. 1 Magery!The rules for the tournament are:
  • Contestents will flag grey before combat begins
  • No magic weapons or armor
  • No looting
  • No tamed animals
  • No poisoned weapons
  • Persons entering the Joust event must supply their own horse
  • Maximum 15 minutes per bout. If there is no winner in 15 minutes, the King and Queen will decide the winner
Each match will have a 50k first prize and a 25k second prize!

Pre-registration is requested. To register, contact King Desmond at ICQ 6036303, or by email. Be sure to tell us which event(s) you wish to register for.

Sunday, February 18th: Arrianna will host another of her world famous Fashion Shows! Come see the latest in Sosarian fashion designs, using the latest in leather and clothes dying technology! The event will begin at 7pm PST at Dawn Tower!

Monday, February 19th: The long-awaited Dawn Museum of Dreams will finally open its doors this Monday! Over a year in the making, with dozens of beneficiaries and contributors, the Dawn Museum of Dreams will be the shard's largest public collection of odd, rare, and unique items, along with descriptions of the items and their origins! Thanks to the efforts of Lord Vengence, one of Baja's formost scholars, the Museum of Dreams will come to life on the 19th! There will be a short ribbon-cutting ceremony at 8pm PST, and then the doors will be open to the public!

We hope you will join us during some or all of our planned events, we will be happy to see you here!!

Posted by Nobody at February 12, 2001 5:52 PM

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