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February 5, 2001

Ilshenar Dungeon Maps Released

The following was posted by UOSS concerning the Ilshenar Dungeons from the Ultima Online: Third Dawn setting:

Ilshenar Dungeon Maps Released

Today we've finished the first set of Ilshenar dungeon maps. On these pages you will find detailed information on how the various levels of the dungeons connect to the outside world and to each other. Also you will find a detailed overview of the types of monsters that spawn at each level.

Something that may be important to note here is that Ultima Online: Third Dawn is still in it's testing phases, and any details gathered during this time � including creature placement, special features and even the geography of these newest lands � may not remain as such by the time the final version is published.

Posted by Keith at February 5, 2001 1:26 AM

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