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February 22, 2001

Forming a new Council...

I have searched countless tomes of knowledge seeking an understanding of my lineage and my place among the Elves. Hoping to find the balance in which we exist. Unfortunately I have found very little that tells of our culture or of the needless slaughter of our kind not only by the humans who moved into our forests but also by our own kind.

I find it quite necessary to call upon my Brethren to form a new society and standard in which our race can function and coexist within this realm. I found little insight as to the wisdom in which society has been created amongst not only the humans but I think all races that exist upon this land. It seems to be a philosophy of kill or be killed; Blackthorn's idea of an anarchical society seems to exist despite itself. While British's idea of a virtue based society has taken hold in many grass roots movements across the land.

The flaw that I see in both of their ideologies is that in general they focus on Human interaction and promotion, while ignoring the true fact that there are other races just as intelligent. It appears to me that the race of man has become the self-proclaimed rulers of all that surround them. Enforcing rules and policy to cultures and societies that they do not understand. I know this because I lived as a human for many years. Until recently I never thought much about the other races that existed around me. I assumed that if I didn't bother them then they would not bother me. Now I realize what I was missing. I never extended myself to get to know anything about them.

I implore all of my fellow Elvish brothers and sisters to join me in reuniting our kind, and fining a way to coexist with humans as well as our own kind. I do not wish to war with anyone. I merely seek to rejoin our once great nation and find a way that we can be looked at as equals with humans. It is time for us to stand as one again as we did hundreds of years ago. Let us reclaim our history and our culture. Let us form a council to govern our kind and bring peace once again to our race.

Former Baron of Darkmor
Fallen Prince, Son of Joran
Follower of the True Path

[anyone wishing to join the council or participate as an elf or otherwise contact me at 103164740. I would like this to be more of a political rp event, however depending on participation and ideas that I get it may turn into more. Let me know your ideas. Thanks.]

Posted by Thellaren at February 22, 2001 11:22 PM

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