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February 23, 2001

Feluccian Shrines Cleansed / Trammel Attacked (Facetwide)

DupreSkara Brae, Minoc, and Despise. From reports we’ve gathered, three great battles were waged in these locations on Wednesday eve. From lich lords to valorite elementals, citizens of Trammel fought off the various creatures whilst other events were just starting to occur on Felucca. From whisperings amongst barkeeps and fishmongers over the last few days, Minax and/or Keeonean are suspect to be responsible for the sudden outpouring of evil.

Whilst all these attacks were occurring in Trammel, Dupre was busy in Felucca, hiring town cryers to gather forces at his camp just north of Trinsic.

Catching wind that the town cryer had some impending information for us, a few friends gathered in Avalon and heard the summons, scurrying off to the encampment through magical means.

MeredithDupre was indeed at his camp near Trinsic, the site of the tents evoking several unwanted black and white memories of the Trinsic siege, which I quickly shoved to the back of my mind.

Once enough of a force had arrived at the camp, Dupre announed his intentions of creating a new Bell of Courage in order to cleanse the Shrines, a task set forth upon him by Nystul.

Our quest was to find pure white spider silk in order to help recreate the bell. Dupre let us know that there was one person who might know where to find the elusive and rare item. We would have to look in Trinsic, Skara Brae, Moonglow, or possibly even Minoc to find a man by the name of Lodlen.

NystulAfter struggling with a few mount problems we searched through Trinsic and then Skara Brae, finding Lodlen and learning we needed to head to the Terrathan Keep. Apparently a terrathan queen or somesuch had this silk which Dupre was looking for.

At this point our small group launched several unsuccessful attempts into the heart of the keep, perishing one by one until we were so weakened we could not go on. After a time, we learned that somehow Dupre had gotten into the keep and obtained the silk. Someone must have given him and his entourage a rune directly into the keep and no one passed us the entire time we were there.

Back to the camp! When we arrived back at the camp, the Bell of Courage had apparently already been reforged in record time. Our first sight when arriving was Meredith, a bard of great reknown. She was urging everyone onward to the Shrine where undead were purported to be attacking (from town cryer reports).

Several of us hurried there, killing the last of the assembled dead. At this point Nystul appeared on the water underneath the shrine and lifted the darkness out of the stone piece by piece, restoring the Shrine of Spirituality to its former glory. I could not see what he was doing, nor could I hear a bell, as the assembled crowd was quite loud.

On a hunch I magically traveled to a handful of other shrines, each one protected by lich lords, rotting corpses, and other hideous forms. Stray defenders quickly cleared these, as well as a few defenders rallied to the cause. Last I saw 3-4 shrines were restored back to normal shortly thereafter.

For more paintings of this event, see the Freeborn Press Messageboard.

Posted by Thellaren at February 23, 2001 1:13 AM

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