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February 6, 2001

Expansions in the Kingdom of Dawn! (Felucca)

The Kingdom of Dawn Town Cryer was recently heard relaying the following message from Vengence:

Citizens and Friends of Dawn, I call for your aid!

As the days roll by, Dawn's anniversary is fast approaching, and new expansions begin to take shape... the new Dawn Library (the largest player-run library on Baja) has been relocated, and will soon be open once more... the Dawn Center for the Arts (including a newer, larger version of the Royal Stage) is in the planning stages... and most importantly, the amazing Dawn Museum of Dreams, a project that has long been in the works for our fair city, will soon become a reality.

But we cannot do it without your help!

The Dawn Museum of Dreams, destined to become a huge display of wonderous and rare items found throughout Sosaria, is looking for donations and aid of all types, in order to meet its goal of holding its Grand Opening during Dawn's Anniversary. All people donating to the Museum in any form will be celebrated and thanked in a special Book of Dreamers, noting everyone who made the Museum a reality, to be seen for all time!

Rare items in all forms, of course, are some of our most welcome and needed donations. Displays will note the person donating each item, so that all may know of their generous spirit. Gold donations (or donations of rare items we already have, that will be used for barter) are also extremely welcome, so that we might purchase more items for display from some of Baja's most noted merchants.

But perhaps you are a simple craftsman, merchant, warrior, or miner? Your trade is needed, as well! Special "fundraiser" vendors will be established in the Dawn Vendor Mall, selling wares and items of all kinds at discounted rates, with all proceeds going to the Dawn Museum of Dreams! But we cannot stock our fundraising vendors without your donations!

Anyone wishing to aid in this very special project should contact Vengence either via ICQ at #52681516, or via e-mail at vengenceofdawn@hotmail.com to arrange a pickup of your items.

Thank you for your help!

Vengence, Curator

Posted by Thellaren at February 6, 2001 11:17 PM

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