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February 15, 2001

Calandryll on current Purple Hued Item Bans

I read the following at UOSS:

Calandryll on current Purple Hued Item Bans

In this thread on OSI's forums, Calandryll says the following about the current banning of people that have abused the "create a purple hued item" bug.
While working on a fix for the purple item bug we implemented logging to track those who were using the bug. We then investigated the accounts in question.
  1. Only those that USED the bug were banned. And even then, they only got banned if they did it many times and/or had prior marks on their account.
  2. Those who only did it a few times and had no prior marks were given a final warning...they were not banned.
  3. We did not ban anyone simply for having the items who did not use the bug. However, these items are still considered illegal and those who have them should get rid of them.
  4. The total number of individuals banned was under 200.
This bug was not harmless. It disrupted the faction system since those stealing the sigil were doing so to exploit to make the purple items rather than take over towns and generated support calls from players witnessing the exploiters. Not to mention the fact that using bugs is against the ToS of Ultima Online.

Manager of Community Services
So if you have any purple hued items that were created with this bug, destroy them now if you value your account.

Posted by Nobody at February 15, 2001 5:24 PM

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