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February 17, 2001

Baja Stress Relief Night (Trammel)

The following regularly scheduled event was created on the UOSS Baja Stratics Board and is open to all Bajanians:

Event will be Saturday, February 17th, at 11pm est/10pm cst/9pm mst/8pm pst. We'll meet outside the Skara bank in Trammel, and will be headed to Ice as our first target so we can mark some runes to the insta-death rat archer fort. I'll be bringing my mage, Syrinx Dragon, and will bring a ton of blanks to mark for folks who want them and can't mark their own.

Exposed lung-tissue pink will be the color of the night, as it was last time. Designated looters will wear a puke-green robe, I will have robes of both colors available for people who need them.

When you get there, try to group up in parties of 5 or so, whatever is manageable. I know there are some bugs with status bars in larger parties. Each party should have one green-robed person that will loot kills for that party. The designated looter should only worry about gold, if anybody wants any of the other crap that we'll find, go ahead and take it yourself. Designated Looter would be a good job for you non-combat type folks who just want to go along and see the fun even if you don't have a fighting char yourself. PINKIES, TRY TO KEEP YOUR GREENIE ALIVE!

Remember, griefing is encouraged! We're there to have fun and own the dungeon, regardless of what other people think of us. Just because somebody yells "Mine!" doesn't mean it is! In Lors should be given only to other event participants, and the same for Healing, Curing, and Rezzing.

Bring your bad attitude, and let's have some fun!

Chance of Baja

Posted by Thellaren at February 17, 2001 6:52 PM

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