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February 18, 2001

Baja Stress Relief Results

Chance, organizer of the Baja Stress Relief events on the UOSS Baja Forum, had this to say about last nights stress releaser:

Well, things went much better this time. Looting was much more organized, and resulted in collection of approx. 70k of gold. I threw in 55k, Cerridwen contributed 125k, and Johnny gave me an extra 50k on top of what he had collected as a greenie. I'm not sure if the extra came out of his pocket, or somebody else gave it to him, but a big thanks goes out to Cerridwen and Johnny and/or the mystery donor. Anyways, we had a total of 300k. We had a couple more people to split amongst this time, so the shares came out to 16k each when all was said and done.

We started out in Ice, and quickly owned the rat fort. I marked a bunch of runes, and several others were marking as well. I think I've got one extra rune marked to the corral inside the fort, so if anybody needs one let me know.

After the fort, we spread out into the rest of Ice. The spawn was nuts, I don't know if we had some invisible GM 'assistance' or not, but I've never seen the spawn like that. Of course, I haven't been inside Ice since the spawn change so it could have been normal, but enough stuff was spawning to keep 30 or so folks very, very busy.

After awhile, we regrouped and headed to Deceit, and hung out in the LL room for awhile. Those silver serpents kept everyone on their toes, but pretty much everything else was put down quickly.

After a second regrouping, we headed out to Shame, and cruised around the first level for awhile until everybody decided it was time to quit and we headed back to Skara to split the loot.

Command and control was very good through most of Ice, although I had to run back and find Willard and Razer, and Foolkiller showed up while I was ressing and retrieving them, so I brought the 3 lost sheep back to the fold. After we left Ice, things fell apart quickly. I tried to spread messages by telling everybody to repeat our locations and destinations on their party chat systems to try and reach the people that weren't in the immediate vicinity, but we left people behind in Ice when we went to Deceit, and in Deceit when we went to Shame, and in Shame when we headed back to the bank. I'm not sure we could have done much else, it's pretty much up to everybody to stay on their toes and keep up with the group, although I know some folks were having connection issues, including Musashi, one of our designated looters.

All in all, a very fun time. I think we'll make Stress Relief Night a monthly event so we don't get tired of it, and to give a little more time to collect dough for the 'extra' that is thrown into the kitty on top of the collected loot. Every other week I'll hold some type of other event.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and making the event a great success! See you next time.

Chance of Baja

Posted by Thellaren at February 18, 2001 5:22 PM

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