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January 27, 2001

UOKnight = SubSeven Trojan Virus

I read the following warning on UOSS:

UOKnight = SubSeven Trojan Virus

This additional warning comes into us from a player that unfortunately experienced this first hand:
I downloaded a program called UOKnight, claiming to be a bit like UOA, which is actually the SubSeven trojan horse. When I ran this program a message informed me I needed some DLL files, but when I went to download them off the website, I was informed that they were not on the server. Then shortly after a small chat window popped up informing me that Sub7 was installed.
It probably cannot be stated enough times that it is extremely important that you never ever use programs that have not be specifically approved by OSI (UOAssist is one such program).

Posted by Nobody at January 27, 2001 11:12 PM

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