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January 20, 2001


The following was also relayed from the Dawn Town Cryer on the evening of the 20th:

Lord HellRazor, escorted by two Loyalists, arrived at Dawn Tower earlier today, delivering a message to the Royal Court and the Royal Guard from King Desmond. Duchess Wildstar accepted the parchment, which read:
Traitors of Dawn:

Thrice have I attempted to reason with thee, and thrice have you sought my life. Therefore the time for talk is over.

Thou and thy ilk have seven days hence to leave Dawn in peace, never to return. After that time, my army shall march upon Dawn, and all those who remain will swear fealty to the crown or die. This I swear.

Death to all conspirators and traitors of Dawn!

Desmond Cross
(Affixed with the Royal Seal)

Posted by Thellaren at January 20, 2001 1:59 AM

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