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January 15, 2001

The Resurrection and Departure of Na-Krul

Last eve we bid a *coughs* sad farewell to our *coughs again* beloved Na-Krul.

Through the use of a more powerful resurrection spell, discovered in some of the most ancient of the Dark Tower Library's tomes, Dipree, Sauron, and myself summoned forth and raised the spirit of our now former *ahem* Master. Our original intent in these actions was to have him close the accursed Well of Souls he and the former Master Xander had created and quiet the unrestful dead that keep pouring forth from it.

Our request met with his ridicule. Tis of little matter, I shall find a way to rid us all of that monstrosity. Instead, Na-Krul revealed that he is travelling on to another realm at the beckoning of... the Guardian.

For all who missed this event, I have had some painters put their paintings on display on the following sky page:


Posted by Brenstar at January 15, 2001 1:55 PM

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