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January 18, 2001

The Dark Wardens Invite You to a Faire! (Trammel)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

There are few things that stand the test of time and a rare sight it is, to see something grow and succeed. Three years have gone by, and the small fellowship of the Dark Wardens has grown from a close knit group of five, to over one hundred and sixty members. This is a testament to the Founders visions of a guild based on friendship, trust, compassion, honor, and justice. To celebrate three years of success, the we would like to invite all those who have traversed a similar path, to a Faire, presented by the Dark Wardens, to honor those friends long gone, to our friends of today, and to those not yet met. This Faire, is a symbol of our gratitude to the realm, and more importantly it's people, whose very existence makes this world a better place. So come join us for a day full of Fun excitement, contests, and prizes.

The Faire itself shall take place on the Faire Grounds on the outskirts of the City of Skara Brae, on Jan. 27th, 2001 from 6pm to 8pm PST

There will be booths for citizens to patron, and a plethora of tradesmen offering their goods and wares.

There shall be Tamers selling wondrous beasts.
Smiths selling armor and weaponry.
Alchemists and their strange concoctions.
Crafters, and their exquisite creations.
An assortment of other traders with wares.

The Events and entertainment include:

Blackjack tables
Food and ale provided by the Rusty Dagger.
A Horse/ Steed Race.
A Scavenger Hunt.
A Contest of Intellect.
An auction, selling items from the Four Corners of the World.
An Archery Contest
Story Telling Roulette

And most importantly, the best form of entertainment, YOU! Our friends and citizens of Sosaria, So come one come all and have some Fun!

If you have any questions, or need directions please contact me here:


Thorin Orcrist
Dwarven Beserker Lord, The Dark Wardens

Posted by Thellaren at January 18, 2001 9:27 PM

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