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January 22, 2001

The Battle for Dawn (Felucca)

The following OOC message from King Desmond of Dawn was relayed to the Dawn Town Cryer earlier yesterday:

There will be a consentual PvP (player vs. player) event in Dawn from 8:30pm PST until 11pm PST on the evening of Friday, January 26th, as part of the current revolution quest. This event is 100% voluntary. Those who do not wish to participate should not enter Dawn during those hours next Friday.

There will be a few war declarations made between Dawn and other participating guilds this week. Do NOT attack anyone orange to you until the event Friday night, as the war declarations are SOLELY for Friday night's event so everyone can fight without being concerned about murder counts. So far, the following guilds will likely be involved:

Savage Truth
Fairhaven Village
The Dark Tower

Rules for the Event:

1. You must be on one of the guildstones mentioned above to participate. Anyone else is subject to receiving murder counts.

2. There will be 3 sides competing for control of Dawn Tower. In order to identify who is on what side, those supporting King Desmond should wear all black; those supporting the Royal Court should wear all blue; those supporting the Royal Guard should wear all red.

3. Once you are killed, you are out of the battle. You can retrieve your stuff from your corpse, but leave your death robe on and do not return to the battle or assist anyone in any way.

4. There is NO LOOTING. However, also do not bring anything you can't afford to lose, as we can't control everyone's actions.

5. Do not come if you are concerned about losing fame or karma.

6. The group that is in control of Dawn Tower at 10pm PST wins. After 11pm PST the battle will be considered over and war declarations will be canceled.

7. The revolution quest will then conclude on Saturday evening.

Hope everyone has fun!

Desmond Cross
King of Dawn

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at January 22, 2001 12:58 AM

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