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January 29, 2001


Thorin Orcrist posted the following results of The Dark Wardens Faire which took place last night in the Skare Brae Fairegrounds on Trammel. The original posting can be found on the Dark Warden's message board, here.


Hail fellow citizens,

First off, the Dark Warden's would like to thank all the citizens that came out to join us in Last Night's Faire. It was a rousing success!!! Many people came and enjoyed drinks and food. and many more won prizes and saw amazing spectacles, There were booths for vendors and tamers selling All sorts of mounts and services at discounted prices. A Gambling booth, and a fortune teller for everyones amusement.

The contests featured a mighty show of mastery over the bow by many of our patrons, and a show of speed in our horse races, as well as a show of intellect and cunning in our Scavenger Hunt and Puzzle games. All in all many prizes were won and food and gold exchanged hands.

Winners of the archery contest included:
Pat Mcgroin Buddy, Dove
HardKore SlindBlade

Scavenger Hunt Winners:
Pekkle, Strider, and Nightmare were among the many winnners...
The Faires Puzzle Contest Winners are:
1st: Badola Blazo 25k gold prize
2nd: Kryos 15k gold prize
3rd: Cortez 10k gold prize

The Horse Race winners included:
Beo Van Bur Vinras Nightmare
Beast Wars:
The highlight of the night though, was the suprising turn out for our "Beast Wars" a series of fierce bouts as tamers from all over their lands brought forth their fiercest dragons and nightmares to face off in a battle to the death!! And for the crowds amusements bets were made on each bout much money was won and lost as spectators cheered for thier respective fighters...... Match Highlights included:
A Last minute comeback in a Dragon vs. Dragon Match

A Fierce Wyrm vs Dragon Match

A Handicap Match 2 Dragons vs one White Wyrm

and the Main Event, a Nightmare vs Nightmare Match
While it was a sight to see, some question the value of pitting such majestic creatures against one another to the death, but folks it was all for the sake of entertainment.

And overall the Faire was a success!!! We hope to bring you more fun and enjoyment in the future....

We like to wish our thanks to the DoV, UTB, tDw, and the FaireGrounds Keepers for their support and contributions for making this night a memorable one!

we'd like to hear your opinions and comments:

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