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January 21, 2001

Taxidermy Kits

The following was posted on UOSS:

Taxidermy Kits

It looks like we have found out what Big Fish are used for. On the Volunteer shard, Tanner NPCs are now selling Taxidermy Kits. These kits are used to make mounted wall trophies.

You must have at least 90.1 Carpentry to buy and use the kits. The one I purchased was around 83K, but I saw one in Britain that cost over 100K, so the price obviously fluctuates.

To make a Trophy, you need the Taxidermy Kit, 10 boards or logs, and the corpse of what you wish to mount must be nearby. You double click the Kit, target the corpse and a deed for the trophy is placed in your backpack. The Kit is one use only, and is destroyed after you use it.

I didnt have enough money to buy a house on the Volunteer Shard to actually try placing the trophy. However, I heard from Iome, who tells me that once you place a trophy, you can "re-deed" it by double clicking on it, so you can move it to another location.

I made a "stag trophy" deed from a dead Great Heart. I dont know what other animals are available, but Pug of Crydee posted the following photo of the available trophies in the curent UO artwork:

My thanks go out to Carpent, SugarRush and Rush for their help in obtaining the funds on the Volunteer Shard to purchase the kit. Also thanks to all the posters on the UOSS Carpentry and Fishing boards for their information.

Posted by Nobody at January 21, 2001 2:04 PM

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