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January 30, 2001

Strange Sighting

The following sighting occured over a week ago. This report was made on the Ring of Steel public messageboard:

While things were winding down in the wee hours of this Saturday morning, a strange occurance appeared just south of the entrance to Wrong.

My father, Phaltran, was working at his tinkering bench when it occured, and he related the story to me.

"Young Aragorn came a running yelling 'Come quick and see what appeared!'" Well being curious the lot of us, Mirabel, Sleath, Rakhir, Joram and myself took off after the scamp to see what the commotion was about.

"To our wondering eyes we saw what appeared to be a room, dropped right on the edge of the mountain. It seemed to be an armory for there were weapons along its 'walls' and good fighters standing all about.

"We didn't gawk long for immediately our group was set upon by a handful of brigands. I'm no fighter, but I was in good company, so I helped out with a swing of my trusty hatchet here and there to hobble those meanies.

"Soon all the evil baddies were dispatched and we were allowed to examine the 'room' more closely. Dang if it didn't appear to be so much curtains, a large stone altar and lots of decorations of shields and weapons.

"Rakhir and I debated whether or not the brigands came with the room, or if they just happened to be camped in the area. I think twas a bit of both. We find out if'n this happens again.

"At least I kept my wits about me. I immediately pulled out a notepad and piece of charcoal with which I captured the likeness. When I returned to the tower I applied a few tinctures to the drawing as I recalled. See for yourself."

Darius, GM for Ring of Steel

Posted by Thellaren at January 30, 2001 11:25 PM

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