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January 28, 2001


I'm very disappointed that the Baja Freeborn Press allowed Lagesek of Avalon to use your news page as an editorial page. Since you granted him space to express his views, I hope you will provide me space to express mine.

It was made very clear in the rules that participants should not bring anything they couldn't afford to lose. We had a "no looting" rule for the event, but common sense dictates that it is absolutely impossible for anyone to 100% enforce a "no looting" rule, especially not in Felucca. We had 6 guilds and dozens of people involved in last night's event. Additionally, we had a few people who weren't even part of the event trying to take advantage of the battle to loot people. We always knew this might happen; thus the disclaimers to not bring anything you couldn't afford to lose. Given the scale of the battle, the number of people involved, and all the many factors, I think that any looting was kept pretty minimal considering we had dozens of people there and only 2 reported cases of looting (including Lagesek's).

Secondly, it was made very clear in the rules that you shouldn't participate if you were concerned about fame, karma, or dying. I would think that if you come to an event that is clearly labeled as a war that you should expect that you might be killed by someone.

I'm sorry if Lagesek had a run-in with someone who accused him of cheating, but hey, that's life. Unless one of us acquires mind control powers, we'll just have to be satisfied that every person playing UO is operating under their own free will and expressing their own opinion. Of course, this didn't stop Lagesek from calling all of Dawn and the Dark Tower "petty and childish".

The event was 100% voluntary for all the participants. No one HAD to come. Nor did we HAVE to open up this event for other guilds and communities to take part in. Reactions like Lagesek's are the exact reason why more people don't hold events open to other communities. No matter what you do or how hard you work to make a good event, there is always one or two people who want to focus entirely on the negatives and not give credit for all the many things that went well. Most of the feedback I have received about the event has been pretty positive.

Lagesek never brought any of these concerns to Dawn, either last night or today; instead he went over to the Avalon public board and slandered us and the Dark Tower there. I propose that people who don't seek solutions to problems usually have no interest in a solution, they just want to spread bad blood around.

Lastly, Lagesek accuses us of being childish and petty. Personally, I feel its childish and petty to go slandering an entire town of over over 100 people because he had one bad incident during a PvP event he didn't even have to come to.

Groups like Dawn and the Dark Tower work very hard to create events that other people from outside their guildstone can participate in. It makes me sad that no matter what you do, there are always one or two people that feel a need to slander you. I read stuff like this and wonder why we bother.

Posted by Brenstar at January 28, 2001 12:36 AM

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