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January 19, 2001

OSI: Seeking Stories of the Shadowlords Faction

The following was just added to FYI on the Ultima Online Web site:

Seeking Stories of the Shadowlords Faction

Darkness hangs at the ancient crypt in the woods east a Yew. Strange figures merge with the darkness, and the air is thick with the stench of evil. Those who follow the Shadowlords are gaining numbers and spreading across Britannia, brought together by a power dreadful and dangerous, brought from beyond the familiar lands.

Are you a follower of the Shadowlords? Whether you dabble in black magics, raise sword or mace, or aid in battle from the sidelines, we want to hear your tale. Send us a story about your time spent in the Shadowlord faction.

Send your story as e-mail to uo-profiles@uo.com by Friday, January 26th. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "Shadowlords Faction" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

Posted by Nobody at January 19, 2001 6:53 PM

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