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January 13, 2001

Opalescense and the Undead....

Opalescense arrived at the Dawn Tower a little early and was able to watch as the room became more and more crowed with members from the Kingdom of Dawn (DWN), Legion of the Emerald Sashes (E/S), and others. At the prescribed time, Opal started to speak and asked for suggestions on what to do with Na-Krul's remains. Those in the group suggested that they be buried in holy ground with a strong binding spell to keep the remains buried. As this was being discussed, Arwyn Blackheart of the Dark Tower showed up poisoned and warned us of an approaching undead group. What was strange about this, is that Arwyn appeared to be scared and nervous. That is highly unusual for him. We continued to discuss the matter and members of Dark Tower and a small but determined group of undead showed up. A chaotic battle ensued outside the tower, with the undead repeatedly attacking Opal and members of Dark Tower. Near the end of the battle, Arwyn reappeared and begged us to come with him to the Dark Tower. There he explained that they at Dark Tower needed the remains to ressurection Na-Krul, so Na-Krul could seal the Well of Souls. Opal gave the remains to him. A few minutes later, the spirit of Na-Krul appeared. The spirt spoken of his ressurction and about the Well of Souls. Dori of E/S and I agreed that we would help with the ressurction of Na-Krul to rid the realm of the Well of Souls. The ressurction of Na-Krul and the sealing of the Well of Souls will take place at the Dark Tower on Sunday at 8 PM PST.

Posted by Brenstar at January 13, 2001 2:05 PM

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