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January 27, 2001

New Improvements to CoM SH

Durham Stargazer from the UO Journal sent us this Council of Mages Factions news:

New Improvements to CoM SH

Using a bit Magic I traveled to view the Improvements on the Pacific Shard to the CoM Stronghold. Eager to see these improvements I ran from Vesper to the Moongate. Arriving in Magincia I raced up to the Stronghold. The first thing I did was check out the farthest bridge. I ran down right into a brick wall closing off the entrance. I said this is great I explored around the corner to the south and found the windows. I wondered to myself if one could teleport inside. I then ran around to the other bridge and was stopped right on the entrance to the northern bridge. I could not enter the Stronghold. Being "Young" I figured I could not join but being the curious type I tried. I was able to join as a "Young" person.

I went inside as I approached the entrance I noticed new railing blocking off the little breach area. I went inside and found things pretty normal. Meeting a CoM member I introduced myself and asked if could test the new Stronghold. He agreed so we went around to the south bridge and around the corner to the south side by the ocean. I then asked him if he could teleport thought the window into the rear of the Stronghold. He sadly was able to do this on the first try. I was very dishearten by this revelation it seems there are still two ways to enter the Stronghold. What are the High Wizards and Guardians thinking?

Durham Stargazer

Posted by Nobody at January 27, 2001 12:15 AM

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