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January 8, 2001

Memorial for the Dead Dove Tavern

The Dead Dove Tavern was a long-time home to role-playing and events, as well as one of the few "Blessed" (enhanced by Ultima Online's Game Masters) player-buildings on Baja, but on December 26th, 2000 the "DDT" collapsed.

Seer Eliar appeared tonight near the Avalon Town Hall, east of the collapsed Dead Dove Tavern. Claude and Draco were nearby, and followed the Seer to the ruins. The area had been cleared up and a memorial statue stood in the tavern's place. Others soon arrived for the tribute, including Joseph, the owner of the fallen tavern and leader of the Rogue Brethren, as well as Tiare L'Roisto, it's last custodian.

The memorial statue is based around a large, beautiful golden dove, with two smaller doves flanking it's sides. When looking at the center of the memorial one can see:
A statue of a dove gold wrought in gold, its wings spread as it prepares itself for flight. -<>- "In Memory of the Dead Dove Tavern"

Good luck to Joseph and his Rogue Brethren, wherever their destinies may take them. You were the best thieves who ever stole a PK's recall reagents, masterful role-players, and most charming miscreants that ever graced our world.

[A fitting memorial for this chapter of the Dead Dove. *tips hat* -Hazard]

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at January 8, 2001 10:23 PM

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