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January 18, 2001

Martial Law Declared in Dawn

The following flyer was found posted in and around the Kingdom of Dawn:

Gentle Ladies and Lords of the Realm,

There is a plot afoot within the Royal Court to overthrow the Crown. One of the ringleaders, Lady Arrianna, has been taken into custody. The other ringleader, Countess Vixen, is yet at large. At this time, it is unknown who the other conspirators are, although it is known that members of the knighthood and the mystic order are among them.

Vixen continues to attempt to gain supporters under the pretense of some "mental instability" which is supposedly affecting me as a result of a bracelet given to me by the late Na-Krul of the Dark Tower. And yet here I stand, having broken no laws of Dawn, but having been attacked by Vixen and her cronies without provocation on three separate occasions this eve. And if this so-called "madness" is truly the reason for her treasonous acts, why then does she turn against her queen as well? This business with the bracelet is but a smokescreen to hide her true purpose...to overthrow the crown and seize control of the kingdom.

A state of martial law is hereby declared in Dawn. Countess Vixen is to be considered "kill on sight" as an enemy of the realm until further notice. Citizens are to remain indoors and obey any curfews set by the Royal Guard. Until the conspirators are identified and this rebellion brought low, take caution.

The Queen and I continue to rule the realm from an hidden location. In the coming days I shall gather those who remain loyal to their king and queen that we may root out these mutineers and reclaim the palace.

Desmond Cross, King of Dawn

Posted by Nobody at January 18, 2001 5:05 PM

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