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January 30, 2001

Majere's Pvp Event! (Trammel)

The following successful event was thrown by Majere, put together for all the folks at the UO Stratics Baja Forum:

Well let me first start off by thanking everyone who came out. My tower was packed with about 15+ people. Im honored to say the event even drew our moderator Scarlet Thief. We had many people from the boards here make the event including "Chance" "Rov Trinity", "DRKM", "Redshiftdragon", "foolkiller", "derek valkry", "sheepgoat", "willow", "razerwing"...and many more that had a great impact on the event. I thank all of the people that i named here and i know i left people out but i have a very bad memory. Everyone was very nice and we had no problems. The event started in style.

For more information on this event, proceed to the Forums above.

Posted by Thellaren at January 30, 2001 12:09 AM

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