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January 15, 2001

Mage Tower Library - Now located in Trammel

Posted: Jan 14, 2001
Event: A Great event transpired tonight, our own Nekkar journeyed to the Felucca Mage Tower. His goal was to retrieve a copy of each of the books found therein. These books were given to one of the many librarians to inscribe onto new parchment. After this tedious job was complete, Nekkar traveled back to the Mage Tower Trammel. We are proud to say that each book now rests within the walls of our new tower. Feel free to come and visit the tower and read each of these original works.

A painting of the library within the Mage Tower.

Nimble - Bard of the Mists, MT

Posted by Brenstar at January 15, 2001 11:59 AM

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