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January 24, 2001

Interview tonight with Royal Family of Dawn

News Flash! The Freeborn Press has been granted a last-minute interview with King Desmond Cross, the rule-in-exile of the Kingdom of Dawn, and his royal family.

King Desmond's realm is being torn apart from within, with Dawn currently in the heart of a violent state of political upheaval. The royal family has come under fire from a faction of former allies, and the once-loyal royal guards take a stand against both groups. All the action is threatening to come to an explosive head this Friday evening, as all three divisions and will meet in what many feel is a "winner take all" war.

The interview with the royals of Dawn will begin tonight (Wednesday, June 24th), at 7:45pm PST, in a secret location. However, we will be broadcasting the interview live--via communication crystal--to four public locations:

Anyone and everyone is invited to come and listen to the interview of three of the most pivitol characters currently on Ultima Online's Baja Shard, as conducted by Hazard (Editor-in-Chief of the Freeborn Press) and Nathan Harper (Emissary of the Freeborn).

Posted by Nobody at January 24, 2001 9:38 PM

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