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January 8, 2001

Golem at large

A group of black garbed soldiers cautiously approached the great marbled throne of the Emperor. Their leader swiftly fell to one knee. "Your highness we are here."

Azalin slowly lifted his gaze, his glowing green eyes searching the faces of the soldiers. Azalin clenched his black and green silk robes and rose slowly to his feet. "Excellent..." He replied "I have an urgent task to lay before you. "As you might know, I have constructed a golem. A magickal construct which was to be my prototype for an army of soulless soldiers. During the final phase of my experimentation. The insane mage, Lord Mordock caused a fire at my laboratory. The resulting fire caused the golem to become warped and twisted beyond control. Now the magicks that were used to create it, sustain it no matter what damage is done to it. It has the ability to regenerate and to cause chaos throughout my lands. I order you to defeat it and to bring me the soulstone that generates its power. When I am presented with the soul stone...you shall be rewarded."

The hunt begins 1/13/2000 at the center of the Hedge Maze (Trammel)
More information about the quest and the Emperor's armies can be found at


Posted by Brenstar at January 8, 2001 1:26 AM

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