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January 16, 2001

Gift at the Tower (Felucca)

"Citizens of Sosaria.

"I have had time to meditate upon my actions, and through my rash behavior, I have found a single ray of light. For both you and myself. With the death of Opalescense, I have stirred the rage in each of you. I hope this has reminded you what it is to be alive. I hope it has reminded you what can happen when you relax your guard. And I hope it has reminded you how precious life can be.

"I do not ask your forgiveness. I am not that foolish. But I will amend what I have done, in my own way. I have long been studying the possibility of duplication. The possibility of bringing the once dead, who have been impossible to reach in conventional manners, back to thise realm of the living. And this is what I shall do.

"Come to the Dark Tower. This very night at the hour of 9pm PST. There, shall a gift await you, my attempt to amend the rash actions of my quick temper. Do not come bearing hate, for you will not find me there."

Signed in equally careful writing,

"Ivy, Mistress of the Dark Tower"

Posted by Thellaren at January 16, 2001 9:35 PM

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