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January 21, 2001

Gestures added to Third Dawn including Dancing!

The following was posted to UOSS:

Gestures added to Third Dawn including Dancing!

I think I have just died and gone to heaven. I just logged into the Third Dawn this morning to find that they have added a feature called Gestures. Among the 50+ things that you can now do are 4 different styles of Dancing. And when I say dancing I really mean dancing. They have modern dancing, tribal dancing, and two different kinds of folk dancing (including one that looks exactly like River Dancing). By clicking the Gesture button over and over you can get the same dance move to loop so that it looks very smooth.

The other gestures available are Walk, Walkstaff, Run, Runstaff, Idle1, Idle2, Fidget, Combatidle1h, Combatidle2h, AttackSlash1h, AttackBash1h, AttackPierce1h, AttackSlash2h, AttackBash2h, AttackPierce2h, Combatadvance, spell1, spell2, attackbow, attackcrossbow, gethit, die1, die2, block, punch, bow, salute, applaud, argue, argue2, argue3, blowkiss, formalbow (much fancier than normal bow), casual bow, cover ears, curtsey (another very fancy bow), folkdance (River Dancing), folkdance2, dance, tribaldance, foldarms, impatient, lecture, nod, point, armed salute, greet salute, unarmed salute, shakes head, enemy salute (*grins*), victory, victory2, wave, two hand wave, longdistance wave, and what.

Out of all of them, I have to say that the dancing ones are by far the coolest. But several others are very nice too, especially the Formal Bow and the Enemy Salute (visible method of flipping someone off by using both arms).

Posted by Nobody at January 21, 2001 6:37 PM

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