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January 20, 2001

From the Journal of Brother Antos

The following was taken from the Dawn Town Cryer:

From the Journal of Brother Antos, Arch Bishop of Dawn:
The realm is in an awful state. King Desmond, Queen Hayloh, and young Prince Riain live in exile, unable to return to Dawn for fear of their very lives. Those who remain in Dawn have split into three factions...those still loyal to the King (mostly made up of the Knights of the Order of the Blue Rose); those who follow the Royal Court (currently led by Duchess Wildstar and Countess Vixen), who believe that King Desmond is under some spell of the Dark Tower; and the Royal Guard, who appear to be preparing a military takeover of the kingdom. Yet none of them know the truth, nor will they listen!

I am one of the last of the original citizens of Dawn. These ancient eyes saw the building of Dawn and its sister city Wind, and the rise and fall of Exodus, over 300 years ago. Time moved differently in the Ethereal Void; some say it moved not at all. So when Dawn's magical experiments saw our realm trapped in the Void, time stood still for us for 3 centuries.

But we were not immortal. For once Desmond Cross of the Guardians of Virtue found the Blackrock Orb and freed us from our timeless prison, the years began to catch up with us at an accelerated rate. The Dawn Council of Elders, one by one, passed from this life, and now only I retain their secrets.

The Council of Elders, in their wisdom, knew that Desmond Cross was the Warrior Poet of ancient prophecy, he who was destined to one day lead Dawn to victory during its darkest hour. And so, they chose Desmond, a humble bard, to be the first King of Dawn. But they chose him for another task as well, one not even known to Desmond himself.

For you see, Dawn was a city of magic, magic that permated its very soil; magic fueled by the undying love of its citizens, and brought to razor-sharp focus within its rulers, the Council of Elders. But when Dawn was freed, and the Council began to wither and fade, it was feared that the magic that was Dawn might be lost forever.

And so, when Desmond was made king, the Dawn Council of Elders passed their portion of the Ether to him, and a mystical bond was formed between he, his land, and his people...an unending circle, a whole stronger than the sum of its parts.

I was tasked by the Council to one day reveal this sacred bond to King Desmond, that he might in turn one day pass the magic to young Prince Riain. But now it seems as if that day may never be.

Dawn has suffered too many blows as of late. When Lord British and his mages cast the spell that tore Trammel from Felucca, and handed Felucca to Minax, the land itself screamed in aguish; Desmond grew terribly ill, forced to rest in seclusion for months. And yet, Dawn remained, its magic weakened but restrengthened by the love of its people. But now...now...

Whatever evil that infects King Desmond is now beginning to affect, to a lesser degree, the citizenry. The hatred, the bloodlust, the thirst for power grows like a cancer, and is reaching a fever pitch. Chaos reigns in Dawn this day, and those who would murder their king in their madness don't even realize that doing so would be to kill themselves as well...for if the Bond is severed at any link, the kingdom itself shall surely die.

I have delivered this news to both Lady Wildstar and the Dawn Royal Guard, but both factions ready for war. Even now, King Desmond masses an army to march on Dawn, and I fear the three factions are about to collide in a war that may very well rip the kingdom apart.

I must continue in my efforts. I must make them see!

Brother Antos
Arch Bishop of Dawn

Posted by Thellaren at January 20, 2001 1:48 AM

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