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January 25, 2001

Freeborn Press Interviews Royal Family of Dawn

Tonight, Baja’s Freeborn Press enjoyed the rare opportunity to interview the royal family of the Kingdom of Dawn. King Desmond, Queen Hayloh, and their son, Prince Riain are three of our Shard’s most prominant citizens, a fact especially true currently thanks to the recent events & role-playing which Dawn has been promoting.

Dawn, located East of the Dungeon Wrong on Felucca, is one of the oldest player-cities on Baja. The Kingdom of Dawn is host to several guildstones for its members—including one for guards and another for merchants—and their citizens’ guildstone boasts Baja’s highest number of veteran members at 137, with a total membership at 167.

Dawn’s most recent activities—involving dissent in the kingdom and threats against the royal family—promise to come to a violent head this Friday, and two of our staff met with the royals to find out the facts on these latest happenings. A last-minute interview began tonight at 7:45pm PST in the current Freeborn Pressroom, near the Shrine of Justice. Although the interview was conducted in secret, to maintain the safety of the royal family, communication crystals were set-up to broadcast the conversation across Sosaria, into the Dawn Mage Tower, the Avalon Town Hall, the Baja Mage Tower, the Dark Tower, and the Golden Brew.

The complete transcript of the interview session, along with several paintings of the session, can be found on the Freeborn Press message board, here. The Freeborn Press hopes to conduct similar interviews with various prominant members of the Baja community in the near future, each one broadcast across the Shard in a similar manner to tonight.

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