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January 30, 2001

Baja Stress Relief Night (Trammel)

The following announcement was posted by Chance on the Baja Stratics Forum:

This is the official announcement of Baja Stress Relief Night, hosted by the Baja S|S.

Time: Sunday, February 4, 11pm est/10pm cst/9pm mst/8pm pst.

We'll be meeting up at the Skara bank in Trammel beforehand, and promptly at the appointed time we will be gating to the BK (Bone Knight) room. Our objective: kill every undead in sight, regardless of who thinks it is 'their' kill. No healing, In Loring, curing, or ressing of non-event personnel will be tolerated, no matter how loudly they demand it. S|S folks, you are not required to bring your thief char, you can bring a warrior type if you'd like. I will bring my thief simply because S|S is hosting the event.

If we have enough people, multiple parties will be formed, with one designated 'looter' per party who can carry off all the loot from corpses so the killing types don't have to worry about it. We'll be taking the loot not so much because we want or need it, but because we don't want to just leave stuff lying around for other people to help themselves to. Gold will be divvied up afterwards for those who care, junk weps/armor from the BKs will be smelted and ingots divvied up between those who want them.

If we REALLY get a lot of people, we will expand and take over one or both of the lich rooms on the next level down.

So, bring your silver weapons, your pent-up frustrations, and an extremely bad attitude, and we'll see you there!

Chance of Baja

Posted by Thellaren at January 30, 2001 10:39 PM

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